Business Tips: #AskGaryVee Episode 26: Am I an Entrepreneur or Not?

Business Tips: #AskGaryVee Episode 26: Am I an Entrepreneur or Not?

Awesome Tip: #AskGaryVee Episode 26: Am I an Entrepreneur or Not?

#QOTD: Who is the person that you are SO afraid of letting down, it’s keeping you from starting something big?

01:11- Do you suggest that small businesses should become media companies?
03:34- Should people quit trying to better their weaknesses?
05:50- What should you do if you are an entrepreneur and have a full time job?
08:07- How do you make it happen as an entrepreneur? even when you are older?
11:55- How do you execute when you are afraid to fail?

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It was so incredible to participate in Dave Ramsey’s event. Thanks to everybody who came out, and a HUGE special thanks to the lovely people who stayed after to help me make this episode.

To me there is no such thing as “an entrepreneur with a JOB.” If you’re a true entrepreneur, you can’t breathe when you have a JOB. If you’re not out there making it happen and running a business, you’re not an entrepreneur, you’re a person with entrepreneurial tendencies. Now that’s fine. As long as you’re HAPPY that’s what matters.

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33 Replies to “Business Tips: #AskGaryVee Episode 26: Am I an Entrepreneur or Not?”

  1. It's my fucking parents and my family. Even the thought of not "getting a job" after college and doing something else for ONE DAY scares me cuz of what all of them will think and say. And also because I know they won't support me really.

  2. The person that I am so afraid of letting down is probably both myself and very much my Dad, and probably my mom too. They both have so much faith in me and know that I have an insane work ethic, but, as an actor, I am in an insanely competitive industry. I have no doubt in my mind that I can outwork and out perform people, I am just starting a climb at the bottom as a theater actor moving into film. I also am afraid of letting down the people that told me not to do it, I have a lot of those people in my life that I have to prove wrong… and prove them wrong I will.

  3. I don’t want to let my father down, because I love him so much, and look up to him so much that it feels really really terrible to defy his will to go all in to my dream! Fk, it’s hard! Really! It is! No matter what, I’m gonna sit down and talk to him tomorrow!

  4. Love the setting, I feel I’m going back in time to comment on older episodes. But I aim to watch them all to see how you got there, ps: just got the 003; anyway QOTD: it’s my wife, I think I hedge a lot around her.

  5. Thank you for bringing so much value to everyone who is listening. Just watching all the episodes at once from the beginning as I only discovered your videos few weeks ago.
    I am scared of not being able to pay for bills and groceries. There's no particular person.

  6. I feel like that everyday! I keep leaving jobs because I just don't feel right. I need to overcome my fear of failing in front of my family, sister and mom they see me as failure. I need to brush that shit off. I'm ready to BAT again!!!! I love watching all of these videos in a row.

  7. I am scared to realize and know that business and entrepreneurship is not for me ,,, I got cought up with the idea and the idea is amazing I wanna have it but when I get it and keep on failing because its not my thing ….? what should I do I'm only 15

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